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finch's #vBnl irc chat (17th of February, 2005 @ 14:30)
[14:30] * Joins: finch (Adam [web site:]
[14:30] <@finch> absolutepunk and altrock have fuck all
[14:30] <+Victoria> but ya it'd be either !find or @find
[14:31] <+Victoria> i want the new hell is for heroes
[14:32] <@finch> i'm getting the new armour for sleep, sound of animals fighting, bright eyes and the police tribute album
[14:32] <+Victoria> wheee
[14:32] <+Victoria> i like all of those, except i haven't heard the bright eyes one
[14:33] <+Victoria> had to swap my smartpunk order, they backordered gatsby hoodies so i ordered a TSOAF one instead
[14:33] <+Victoria>
[14:33] <@finch> i wanna get a good collection of brighteyes back
[14:34] <+Victoria> trying to remember if i ever heard any bright eyes
[14:35] <@finch> i'd be surprised if you havent
[14:35] <+Victoria> did they do the lover i dont have to love song
[14:35] <@finch> yeah
[14:35] <+Victoria> oh that rox
[14:35] <@finch> conor = hawttasfuck
[14:35] <+Victoria> hee
[14:36] <+Victoria> omgyouaretehgay
[14:36] <@finch> lol
[14:36] <@Floris> conor for teh win !!1!11!!!evelen!
[14:36] <+Victoria> wahoo

Martin's #vBnl irc chat (17th of February, 2005 @ 0:04)
[00:04] * Joins: Martin ( [web site:]
[00:04] <+pyoko> = martin
[00:04] <@finch> LOL
[00:04] <@Martin> lmao
[00:04] <+pyoko> just wait for his hands to get going Martin ;)
[00:04] <@Martin> i saw it LOL
[00:04] <@finch> it's when he goes "ha ha" and his hands follow
[00:05] <+pyoko> lol
[00:05] <@Martin> now my fucking ribs hurt
[00:09] <@Martin> damn

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