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mf's l33tsp33k chat (22nd of February, 2005 @ 15:04)


As mf quoted on our forum: "I laughed so hard that I had to give them positive feedback.

I told them that they're the only one who could write an article so scientifically dry

that it becomes humorous through its humorlessness. LOL!"


Will m$ come with a sp3 which introduces auto-slang language corrections when you

turn on parental control? *g*

Nick0r's #vBnl irc chat (18th of February, 2005 @ 18:58)
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finch's #vBnl irc chat (17th of February, 2005 @ 14:30)
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Martin's #vBnl irc chat (17th of February, 2005 @ 0:05)
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